Flow WITH Life and NOT Against It

“Hold the vision and trust the process”

If you know me, you know at some point two years ago, my life took a different turn. To do a quick recap, my hormones went COMPLETELY off kilter and I would get hives covering my whole body a few times a week where all I could do was lay there with cold towels covering my body, and Dave running back and forth replenishing the towels for me as my body quickly heated them up. My face boiled over so bad that I would have to crack my lips until they bled to even eat. With my new look, new home, and new marriage, the pounds quickly packed on because I went from confident in how I looked because I just crash dieted to get wedding ready, comfortable in my bubble with the home I knew, and secure to feeling lost, ugly, and confused as to what my body was trying to do to me.

Thus began my journey of working with a Chiropractor, Naturopath, and Acupuncturist. The first thing they had me do was to fix my diet and start working out. Because my medical doctor and allergist said, "Just take 3 Zyrtek pills 3 times a day". Umm... thanks but no thanks. I'm trying to get to the root of my issue and resolve it. Not mask it!

I was trying to control life. I was trying to take it in my own hands and was fighting what the universe was throwing my way. It was through my team that I fell into personal development books that then helped changed how I viewed the world, myself, and my relationships.

A major thorn in our side was our finances, I mean… who can’t relate to that? They say money is one of the biggest reasons people get divorced… I thought it was Chiropractic/Medical school! Haha just kidding… kinda (Blog on that coming at a later date). Again, through my team, we wanted to tackle this, so we started a group to help get each of us financially stable. I was chasing those jobs with the high paychecks and I was met with stress and constant work. And funny thing, with more money, didn’t come lower debt. We found other ways to spend that money (Mo’ money, Mo’ problems).

What I didn’t fix was the root cause of why we were stuck in that cycle. Finally honing in on that, figuring out a budget that worked for us and me leaning into my coaching business, we were able to survive living in the San Francisco area with just me working so Dave can focus on his studies. The day before he graduated was my last day of work and I vowed I would never take a job I wasn’t happy and fulfilled with.

We relocated to Washington State where Dave joined a practice and I was just running my Coaching business. Our finances were tight, because contrary to popular belief, first year private practice doctors don’t make that much money. Don’t let the fancy title fool you.

So I leaned into what I knew. Together Dave and I set our intentions for what we needed, the life we wanted, and our goals. We gave ourselves timelines and got to work and just let the universe figure out what we need at the time. And boy since that June day that we both walked away from the Bay Area have our lives changed.

Many opportunities and avenues have presented themselves to get us to this point. Are we fully out of debt and making gobs of money? NO. Well not yet, anyways. :) But even if we were, I would still be sitting here in my sweatpants with my hair thrown up in a messy curly ponytail sipping on my tea as I willingly work on a Saturday morning.

Trust the universe and it’s timing. Don’t try to fight it. If you aren’t in line with it, it’s going to work against you, but if you are flowing with what life is giving you, it’s going to be the best wave you’ve ever ridden.

I wouldn’t be here with this mindset if it hadn’t been for my team. What started out as me wanting to get healthier, lose weight, and fix my hormonal balance, turned into me changing my relationships, my marriage, and our finances.

The vision was/is always the same, but I stopped fighting/controlling the process and trusted in it.

Is there a goal you are trying to reach? What's blocking you? I'd love to chat more to figure out how you can ride the sweet sweet life wave.

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